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Server Rules
« on: September 07, 2022, 07:44:30 pm »
XGS - Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate

Server Rules

In order to provide the very best gaming experience possible while on and enjoying our Servers, it is expected that ALL our members, server regulars and Public visitors will abide by the following rules AT ALL TIMES.

CHEATING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, Cheating will be dealt with swiftly and severely with ZERO Tolerance! XGS Servers are enforcing ZERO Tolerance for ALL cheats.

Deliberate Team-killing, Spawn Camping, Raping will not be tolerated.

NO DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR, Clan Advertising, Recruiting or Spamming on our servers!

Racial slurs and any form of hate speech is not allowed, INSTANT PERM BAN

COOPERATE with Admin Requests - Abide by requests made by an Admin.


No one likes a bully so no bullies on the servers period.  Not by a player and sure as hell not by XGS staff.  Bullies will be dealt with and temp banned at first.  Come back and be a bully again and your PERM BANNED.

Simple rules to follow.  There is no rules about what you can use that came with the game, ie, no weapons limits or use.

It doesn't matter if you have a XGS admin in your sights, if the name of the game is to get the most kills for your team then by all means take the shot.  On the game battles field its team against team and the goal is to WIN.  So go forth and win it for the team.

XGS servers use whatever anti cheats it came with,  VAC and/or PUNKBUSTER will always be ON AND IN USE.  Further more if the game supports PB then it also will be streaming to PBBans.

We want XGS to be fun for you with very little interference by us.
[XGS] Wizz
XGS Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate
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