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Website Rules
« on: September 07, 2022, 07:42:16 pm »
XGS - Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate

Website Rules

These rules have been set up with the best interest of creating a better community and adhering to the policies set forth by Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate Staff. We ask that everyone please read the rules and understand the terms listed here. If you are going to continue to use Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate, you must agree to the guidelines.  These rules are simple and to the point.

Forum Etiquette


The Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate staff can and will ban anyone they find is causing a significant amount of disruption to the community.  The XGS Administration will decide if these bans will be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the offense. Reasons you could be banned, but are not limited to:

-Posting Spam/ Advertisements /Linking to Other Spinoff Boards
-Discussing or encouraging any form of illegal activity.
-Repeat offenses with no signs of improvement.
-Disregard for the Board Guidelines
-If your threads gets closed, don't keep making other threads about it.
-Posting anyone’s personal information
-Personal attacks on other members or the XGS Staff
-If you were asked to stop making a topic and you continue to do so. (this could also result in a temp ban)

If you are banned, you will not be allowed back into XGS until the XGS Administration decides to let you back in. You will also not be allowed to post on a secondary name, if you are caught doing so, that name will be deleted as well.

Please keep these things in mind if you wish to become a member of XGS

Respect: XGS is a community of people from all different places, races, religions, creeds ect. We ask you to please try to maintain a degree of respect for each other. Any attacks based on gender, beliefs, race, ect. (Whether directed at another user or otherwise) will be dealt with accordingly.

-Racial slurs and any form of hate speech is not allowed, INSTANT PERM BAN

-Any content that is pornographic is not allowed, INSTANT PERM BAN

Disorderly Conduct

Members are asked to please conduct themselves in a mature manner, and those that refuse will receive warnings accordingly.


Flaming or attacking another user to insult them or put them down, will result in a warning.

We want XGS to be fun for you with very little interference by us.
[XGS] Wizz
XGS Xcaliber Gaming Syndicate
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